Friday, April 10, 2009

Attack of the Tasty, Tasty Aliens

This is actually sort of old but I had to frog my new knitting project TWICE! (Gauge and I are frenemies) so I thought I'd post this until I work things out with my needles. This was my first attempt at more than a simple frosted cupcake. I got the idea from Martha Stewart. The cupcake was a simple but super tasty chocolate cupcake and the frosting is peanut butter flavored but dyed green. Martha Stewart suggests making the tentacles out of green taffy but my neighborhood has one very small grocery store and a bunch of bodegas, none of which had taffy, so I used what I could find which was green gumdrops. I think it turned out looking pretty cute but, man, trying to roll out gumdrops into tentacles sucks and I would strongly advise against it.

So then it was a weekend morning, I had a bunch of adorable aliens looking at me and my husband was still asleep so I decided to build a little photo set. I started with ahomemade light box, then I punched holes into a piece of black cardstock and put that in the back with a lamp behind it to be a starry night. Next I grabbed some packets of instant oatmeal that had been sitting in the cabinet for way too long. That became the sandy ground. Then I took some wheat thins, chiseled them down to tombstone shapes and colored them over with silver and black markers. I'm not really sure why the alien is in a graveyard but it was around Halloween so, I guess, the spookier the better. Lastly, I got a clove of garlic, wrapped it in aluminum foil, poked a hole in it and hung it from the top of the box with string. And then I ate the adorable little alien and he was totally delicious.

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Dot said...

Thanks for playing Make Something Cool Everyday in April! I had a great time and met some cool new friends, hope you did too! Please come read this. I'm planning to do a wrap up.