Saturday, October 2, 2010

A&N Wedding

Two of my friends were married recently and I signed up for the momentous task of photographing it. I always find wedding photography to be insanely stressful. A million things are happening at once and if a shot gets missed then it's just gone and that's it. Plus I loathe shooting formals. They are so dull and always insanely rushed since everyone is waiting to get the bride and groom back. Anyway, my rant aside, they had a really beautiful wedding in Staten Island and I've been looking through the photos over the last week and really liking a lot of them. The Bride looked beautiful in this birdcage veil.

The groom and groomsmen rocked some Reservoir Dogs style.

As well as some very cool specially designed ties.

And they had an awesome old-school poloraid setup for all of the guests. Here's the photographer and his assistant setting up. They even brought a chest of costumes like top hats, canes and capes for people to get styled up for the shot. It was awesome to see how creative some people were. The best item was totally aviator goggles and a helmet.

Make Something Every Day in October

So last year Dabbled led the challenge for bloggers to create something new everyday for a month. I had high hopes to rise to that challenge but I totally sucked. But now it's October and I'm full of Halloween spirit and the weather is turning to that crisp, cool temp that just begs for knitting so this challenge came to mind. This time I hope to embrace it a little more fully. Especially since my mother-in-law just taught me to sew and bought me my very first sewing machine! I've already tasked Chris with sketching a monster for me to plushify.

I definitely have a backlog of crafted items that I've got to catch up on so I'll do the roundup here. First, there's a couple of items for my sister-in-law's new baby. A simple earflap hat

and a flowered headband.
I have plans still for a bunny like the one that I made my sister and maybe a few store bought things to round out the box.

Next, I've just finished a very late bachelorette present for a friend that just got married.
She wanted to avoid the overtly sexual presents that usually surround bachelorette parties so I made her a cute little hat and fingerless gloves. I love the robot motif and I hope that she likes it to. I have plans to line the hat tonight so that it looks a little more polished.

So that covers days one and two. For day three I'm thinking I'll knock out the bunny and then try moving into that scary new realm of sewing.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Greenwood Cemetery: Battle of Brooklyn

I live just below Greenwood cemetery and decided to take advantage of their yearly re-enactment of the battle of brooklyn. Man, was today hot, though! I walked from the bottom of the cemetery up to the main gate at the very top and stayed for about 30 minutes to photograph and watch the events and then walked back. When I got home I was wasted.

The re-enactors had some awesome outfits and great equipment. They fired muskets and cannons and made speeches detailing the history of that battle and the war. I love the expression on the kid in the photo above. He had one of the most elaborate outfits.

After the main re-enactment (with musket fire and stuff) everyone marched up a battle hill. I really felt for this poor woman. She was wearing period shoes and having to walk very slowly and, it looked, a little painfully up the hill.

I feel like this guy should really be careful where he points his cannon. I don't think those things have safety switches.

Downtown Rallies

I photographed a pro and an anti mosque rally in downtown recently. I'm really happy with how the photos came out and gothamist picked them up for an article.

Waffleizer Inspired

Chris put in a request for the waffled french toast for his birthday breakfast. I'm actually not a huge french toast fan. Especially when we make it at home I just always feel like it's a little too eggy for me. However, I totally loved this receipe. I picked up a fresh loaf of sourdough bread at the store and followed his recipe for the batter. I added in a healthy helping of cinnamon and a dash of sugar and nutmeg as well. I was only able to stretch the batter out to cover four thickly sliced pieces of bread and not the six he says in the recipe but that was the perfect amount for us anyway.

I love how crisp the wafflemaker gets the bread and the little waffle dents are perfect for housing a flood of maple syrup. Add in a sprinkle of powdered sugar and a side of corned beef hash and Chris had his perfect birthday breakfast. I can't wait to try this recipe again with some fresh fruit and bacon. Now that would be my perfect birthday breakfast.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Chris and I got a puppy about a week ago. Her name is Darla, she's about 10 weeks old and she's adorable.

We're spoiling her.

She's literally walking all over us.

And she's got more energy than I do but she's a pretty awesome addition to our family.

Monday, June 28, 2010

A Fat Little Fox

I recently finished making this chubby little fox toy. It started out as a pig from this pattern but the face just looked too pointy to me. Chris stepped in and suggested that it looked like a fox so I winged an equally fat fox tail and gave it a try. It's probably not my best toy but I'm pretty happy with it.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

BP Protest

I photographed a protest in front of a BP gas station on Houston and Broadway for Gothamist. The demonstration was pretty well-organized and peaceful. Police had blocked the gas station property off entirely so the protest was kept to the sidewalk where people chanted and doused themselves with buckets of oily goo.

I feel like she looks a little more like she fell in the river in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory but I admire the cat whiskers.

Although the protesters that gathered were pretty intense, the turnout was small and it seemed like there were just as many people there to write about or photograph the event for press as there were actual protesters.