Saturday, January 30, 2010

Quick Crochet Scarf

Last night I really wanted to make something and that something needed to be quick and it needed to be cute and it needed to be simple enough that I could make it and finish it while watching and still enjoying a movie with Chris. This scarf was a perfect match for that. It resembles a scarf that I was given a couple of years ago by my sister-in-law that has since unraveled from overuse. I'm super happy with how the scarf came out and it's so nice to finally be making something for myself.

The scarf is made with only the treble stitch. It's about 20 stitches wide and made on a size J hook. I alternated four rows of each color. I don't have the ball bands anywhere so I'm not sure of the exact colorways but both yarns of Lion Brand Vanna's Choice.

Now I have something to keep in mind if I'm scrambling for gifts in the middle of December.

On a side note: yes, I still have christmas lights up in the apartment. I refuse to take them down while it's still anything like 17 degrees outside. I need something to cheer me up in the depth of winter and colorful blinking lights always do the trick.