Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Make Something Cool Everyday in April

When I was reading the domestic scientist she linked to this awesome idea on Dabbled to make something cool everyday in April. I'm sure, like everyone, I always want to do way more then I ever actually end up accomplishing so I thought it would be great to join in with this as motivation to stop watching bad CSI: Miami reruns with my freetime and start making the things that are in my head to make.

I don't think I can keep up with the everyday pace so I'm shooting for three cool things each week. So, here's thing one. I knit a hat from a pattern in Holiday Knits. It's a stocking cap in white and seafoam green Lion Brand cotton. It's not a very warm hat but it's super cute and good for April when the weather's fickle and a little extra warmth is just enough. I'm thinking about making baby sized versions for my nephews for Christmas. It knit up very fast in just one day. It was also my first attempt at a pom-pom which came out alright. It probably still needs a little bit more shaping but overall I'm happy with it.

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