Monday, May 12, 2008

A Bee Invasion

The pumpkin is growing like mad. This photo is from about a week ago and it's already grown probably another 6 inches taller than this. I also have the uneasy feeling that it's luring bees onto our terrace. Since planting it we've had two bees end up on the terrace within a few weeks of each other. We're not sure how they're getting in but up until the pumpkin we'd never had anything find it's way onto the terrace. I discovered the first bee and it scared the hell out of me to be watering my plants and to suddenly hear a loud buzzing next to me. Luckily, the bee seemed terrified and chose to run away from me and into the closed window or hide in my ivy plant. Chris managed to shoo it out by opening a window and corralling it with a large piece of cardboard. The second bee may, in fact, have been a wasp. Neither Chris nor Richard could decide what it was. I'm still hoping that I can make this whole pumpkin thing work. It's beginning to form little flowers so soon I'll be watching youtube videos on pollination and hoping to breed myself some awesome little pumpkins.

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