Monday, May 19, 2008

Gone to Pot

The pumpkin has finally gotten a new, bigger pot...which already seems too small. Lily has nightmares of it taking over the apartment while we sleep. Chris just looks at it, smirks and shakes his head. At least we seem to have successfully bee-proofed the terrace although I know just saying that has cursed me to wake up one morning to a swarm of bees nesting in my pillow.

As you can see, the leaves alone are now about the size of my hand. Lily may not be too far off with her fears.

The buds are starting to get much bigger so I'm sure that I'll soon be sitting on the terrace floor with a few dozen q-tips trying to pollinate the thing before the flowers fade and fall off. From what I've read the flowers only bloom for a few days so I can't procrastinate or I'll end up sans pumpkins come Halloween. So, that's all that's new with the pumpkin. Here's a few more photos of its awesomeness.

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