Saturday, October 2, 2010

A&N Wedding

Two of my friends were married recently and I signed up for the momentous task of photographing it. I always find wedding photography to be insanely stressful. A million things are happening at once and if a shot gets missed then it's just gone and that's it. Plus I loathe shooting formals. They are so dull and always insanely rushed since everyone is waiting to get the bride and groom back. Anyway, my rant aside, they had a really beautiful wedding in Staten Island and I've been looking through the photos over the last week and really liking a lot of them. The Bride looked beautiful in this birdcage veil.

The groom and groomsmen rocked some Reservoir Dogs style.

As well as some very cool specially designed ties.

And they had an awesome old-school poloraid setup for all of the guests. Here's the photographer and his assistant setting up. They even brought a chest of costumes like top hats, canes and capes for people to get styled up for the shot. It was awesome to see how creative some people were. The best item was totally aviator goggles and a helmet.

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