Saturday, October 2, 2010

Make Something Every Day in October

So last year Dabbled led the challenge for bloggers to create something new everyday for a month. I had high hopes to rise to that challenge but I totally sucked. But now it's October and I'm full of Halloween spirit and the weather is turning to that crisp, cool temp that just begs for knitting so this challenge came to mind. This time I hope to embrace it a little more fully. Especially since my mother-in-law just taught me to sew and bought me my very first sewing machine! I've already tasked Chris with sketching a monster for me to plushify.

I definitely have a backlog of crafted items that I've got to catch up on so I'll do the roundup here. First, there's a couple of items for my sister-in-law's new baby. A simple earflap hat

and a flowered headband.
I have plans still for a bunny like the one that I made my sister and maybe a few store bought things to round out the box.

Next, I've just finished a very late bachelorette present for a friend that just got married.
She wanted to avoid the overtly sexual presents that usually surround bachelorette parties so I made her a cute little hat and fingerless gloves. I love the robot motif and I hope that she likes it to. I have plans to line the hat tonight so that it looks a little more polished.

So that covers days one and two. For day three I'm thinking I'll knock out the bunny and then try moving into that scary new realm of sewing.

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