Sunday, February 7, 2010

Terrible Photo of a Work In Progress

I'm nearly done with making this little Nautilus toy for Chris but I was super lazy about taking some in progress photos of it last night. It's based on a pattern from that I've had on my queue on Ravelry for at least a year. I'm trying to make an effort to use up a lot of my stash yarn before embarking on bigger Christmas projects that will involve yarn buying.

After this I'd like to try my hand at knitting another pair of socks. I got some lovely skeins of sock yarn for Christmas and if I can get the hang of it I might make some cute pairs of socks for Christmas gifts this year. I love the Yarn Harlot's plan on her blog and in the awesome page a day calendar that I got for Christmas to set up 12 Ziploc bags at the beginning of the year, each with a sock pattern and a paired yarn. Grab a bag at random and knit one pair per month and by the end of the year you have 12 nice new socks for Christmas/Birthdays/yourself. But before I can jump into my own sock of the month club I need to, you know, learn how to knit socks well.

I also have a plan for some cute little mittens to make for my little etsy shop. I'm going to do a practice run with some cheap red heart yarn that I have way too much of before I go out and get something nice and soft.

Finally, and really most importantly, tomorrow is Puppy Bowl!! Since I'm totally not into sports and actually couldn't remember who was playing against the Saints in the Super Bowl tomorrow I'm going to turn my attention to the only sports event that I watch all year. And I'm most excited by this little puppy here.

Someone somewhere bred a chihuahua with a pug and I'm not sure if that person is a genius or madman. Sometimes I look at this puppy and think it's freaking adorable and sometimes it looks like some mad scientist glued the head of a pug onto a little chihuahua body and created an appalling abomination. Right now I'm leaning toward totally adorable. Chris voted for abomination. Either way I will be oohing and aahing as this and many other puppies chase around toys for several hours tomorrow. I'm weird, I know, but it'll make good TV for knitting.

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