Sunday, February 14, 2010

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls and a Valentine's Day Walk

This morning I surprised (not really because he saw me making the dough last night) Chris with some fresh baked, homemade, cinnamon rolls this morning. The recipe was from The Farm Chicks cookbook that I got for Christmas and they were very tasty. They were huge, like double the size of one of the Pillsbury in a can ones. The recipe makes 12 and I have a feeling that it'll take us the rest of the week to get through them all.

After our lovely breakfast we went for a nice afternoon walk around the neighborhood. I took these photos along the way. There's still a decent amount of snow piled around but the weather was nice and crisp and the sun was bright and shiny.

Tonight there will be homemade pizza eating , movie watching, and lots of snuggling in front of the TV. A lovely, low-key Valentine's Day.

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Anonymous said...

Did Chris make the snow heart for you?