Tuesday, June 23, 2009

First Crochet Sale!

I sold my first ever knit/crochet item!

It's the little pirate that I first made for my nephew. I was so excited about the sale that I didn't take any photos of the new pirate or the little card that Chris illustrated for it. This is my photo of my nephew's pirate. They were nearly identical so the new photo would look exactly like this one anyway. The buyer left positive feedback and I hope that the friend she gave it to enjoys it.

I have to admit that I feel a little stalkerish tendency from this. I wish that I could badger the crap out of the poor girl and find out what her friend thought and did she like it and what did she say and did she like the card that Chris drew and did she maybe give the little pirate a name, etc...Crazy stalker tendency. I'm just so used to making things as gifts for family where I can totally badger the crap out of them because they're family and that's part of the deal. But even without excruciating details I know that the buyer was happy and I'm happy so yay etsy!

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