Thursday, April 26, 2012

White Squirrel

I've been talking with the super nice owners of the local consignment shop in town for a few months about trying to get some stuff in their store but I've been so crunched for time that I've put it off until now. Every year this little town has a White Squirrel Festival and when I ran into the consignment shop owner a few weeks ago he told me his wife has been desperately seeking white squirrels. They forwarded me a link to the pattern that they'd found online at Pixie Kitten. It was so crazy cute that I bought the pattern and made my own little white squirrel. I finally finished it up the other day and dropped it off at the shop this morning where it stands as a one of a kind toy (until I get around to making some more). White squirrels are so hugely popular here that I think these would sell crazy well. So one down, dozens more to go!

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