Friday, February 4, 2011

Not Quite Elvis

I've been wanting to practice sewing with my new machine so I decided to try and make some famous silhouettes.  I figured that this would give me some experience with very simple toy making while, hopefully, creating some cute little toys that I can give as gifts.  My first attempt was the king himself, Elvis Presley.  I looked around online for profile shots of him that really emphasized the pompadour.  I settled on this one:

I printed it, cut it out and played around with resizing on the copier until I had to a size that I thought was big enough.  It ended up covering two sheets of paper that I cut out and taped together.

Once I had the template done I pinned it to a square of good quality felt and cut around it.  Repeat.  Next I pinned the halves together and had a go around the edges with the sewing machine leaving a space for me to turn it right side out.

Unfortunately, the final result looks nothing like Elvis and had some sewing issues that I'm going to have to try and work out with practice.  The curve to the back of the head had a lot of puckering, the hand sewn bottom that I'd left open to turn was all kinds of wonky and the face was way too delicate to translate to the felt form.  The features just get lost and the pompadour just looks like a weird bulge.  But at least I've gotten some experience and gained a little knowledge.  I still like the idea of using silhouettes but I know that the next one is going to need to be much more exaggerated to get the point across.  I'm trying to decide between Lincoln, Hitchock and Sherlock Holmes.

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