Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pie Making!

I tried my hand for the first time at pie making. This was a pretty big challenge since I don't even own a pie pan. I think that if I tackle this again I might make the investment.

I made a butter crust. There is lots of butter in a butter crust. Kind of a disturbing amount of butter. I cut the butter in using my kitchenaid stand mixer which rocked. It only took a few minutes to cut in the butter then I added some cold water with a beaten egg and PRESTO! butter crust!

I used it to make pecan pie and apple pie. No photos of the pecan pie. It really wasn't very photogenic but it was very tasty. I made 6 mini pies and one large pecan pie. I think that the mini pies won out. The crust to filling ratio was much better for me.

The apple pie was thrown together in a cheesecake pan. I would totally advise against this but it was the only baking dish that I had that was deep enough for all of the apples and filling. The taste is perfect but the filling was a little runny. I think that I just need to let the filling simmer a little longer. Even having to spoon it out it is a mighty tasty pie. The crust is flaky and rich and I think that I will be giving pie making another go again soon.

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