Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Creepy/Haunted Roadtrip

Chris and I have a grand plan to one day go on an awesome roadtrip. A creepy/haunted roadtrip. I have no idea how far into the future that might actually be but we came up with a fun way to plan it together and get some wall art at the same time. I picked up a few packs of corkboard tiles and stuck them onto the wall. They come with little adhesive stickers that have held really well so far (it's been up about 3 weeks). Then we ordered a Rand McNally map of the US. Top it off with some map pins and we were off and running. We're keeping a little journal on the side table by the map and jotting down where we're sticking pins and why.

We've got a sort of color coded system in the works right now. It seems to mutate a little every now and then so from what I know right now we've got white pins for ghosts and hauntings, green pins for mysterious cities, red pins for monsters, and there's a few other colors that I'm not too sure about the meanings.

This little black pin here marks Centralia, PA, where a coal fire has been burning for 45 years underneath the town. It's mostly deserted now but smoke still rises up from cracks that have opened up in the sidewalks and asphalt.

This green pin marks the Roanoke Colony off of North Carolina. The first English colony in the Americas. All of the settlers vanished leaving only the word "Croatoan" carved into a tree.

There are also pins for The Winchester House in California, The Lady in White spotted around Mukilteo, WA, and the coffin races in Manitou Springs, CO.

If anyone has any suggestions on creepy/haunted/or otherwise dark and mysterious places in the US or Canada that would make a good stop for our trip please pass along the wisdom!

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Anonymous said...

Jeanne and Chris, that is a really fun idea. You should call it your "Dream Board".