Wednesday, June 4, 2008

TTV in Prospect Park

Chris and I spent an hour or so yesterday wandering around Prospect Park. I made a black paper contraption to go around the duaflex camera I bought. This is a photo of a similar, although much more nicely made version. It's purpose is to prevent glare on the viewfinder of the duaflex camera that would mess up the photo.

It was a sunny, warm, summer kind of day so the park was pretty buzzing with people and it was a lot of fun taking ttv photos. I feel like I probably looked pretty strange carrying around one giant, black-shrouded camera with my digital camera around my neck as well. But a few minutes into the park Chris and I saw a family taking their pet rabbit out on a leash and I felt better because a rabbit on a leash seems so much weirder.

As Chris and I were heading back toward the park exit we saw this guy practicing with what I think is a parasail. He wasn't trying to get lift off or anything, although that would have made for some really awesome photos. I really like how these photos came out though. The TTV style creates a nice, soft blur around the edges of the photo that really draws your eye into the center of the image.

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